Becoming Unlimited

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Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are invisible scripts that play in the back of our minds. They tend to show up when we are pushing our boundaries, trying to grow, or try to do the right thing.

Many people who are entrepreneurs, creators, or just trying to put themselves out there face imposter syndrome. I find that imposter syndrome is one of the loudest and relatable versions of invisible scripts.

It usually sounds something like, “who am I to be speaking on this topic?”, “I don’t have the authority yet”, “I need more experience”, “I’m not an expert”, or some other form of “what will people think?”

Solution 1: Flip the Coin of Emotions

From a philosophical standpoint I find that the opposite of fear is hope. I find that fear and hope are two sides of the same coin. This is because fear is a negative expectation and hope is a positive expectation.

Sometimes being positive is within our reach and we can rewrite the narrative in our mind by simply envisioning things to work out. To see in our mind’s eye what we are setting out to do as a great success.

This is not always the case, and may sounds ‘airy fairy’ when that is out of reach. In that situation I resort to my next solution.

Solution 2: Doubt the Doubts

All these thoughts stand from the realm of fear, specifically the version known as doubt. Sometimes it’s best to fight fire with fire, and doubt your doubts.

Here’s some examples:

  • I don’t have the authority yet? Maybe I’ll doubt that, maybe I do have the authority.
  • I need more experience? Maybe I do have enough experience. I doubt that I don’t have enough experience.
  • I am not an expert? I’ll doubt experts, who is an expert in anyway?

Ending Statement

Limiting beliefs Tell us that our work is not perfect yet, that we need more time, that we may be judged, that we’re not good enough yet, and often leads to procrastination and slower success. It often results in over revising things that are often “good enough”.

For example, this article you are reading may need many more revisions to be better. However, there’s way too much to do in life and the ROI of doing so is just not worth it.

The way it is now is probably good enough to get the point across and help someone and that is the most important thing. Quality and quantity. Results and speed.



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