Lifestyle Evolution through Social Distancing

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Unprecedented Opportunity

Importance of Social Distancing

COVID-19 is a serious pandemic and my intention is not to undermine it in anyway. Many mild cases are far from ‘mild’. Right now hospital beds are being saturated and tough decisions need to be made in the medical field. We must all be careful to not only keep ourselves safe, but also our loved ones, and our brothers and sisters in humanity.

However, once appropriate precautions have been taken, its best to change perspective to optimism. 95% of cases are non-critical, and we can see on worldometers that thousands of people are actually recovering from it. It might just be that this period of social distancing will disappear as quickly as it has shown up in our lives.

Forge Forward

We are in an interesting period where technology has connected us all yet we’re in lockdown; socially distancing ourselves. In an unexpected way, we are armed with opportunity to create the life we’ve been dreaming of.

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We all have a dream, a desire, a goal, a wish that burns somewhere deep inside of us. Some of us have pushed the fire deep down into the coldest of chambers in our hearts and forgotten them. For others, it’s been screaming loud in the back of our heads on a day-to-day basis. Wherever that fire is, it’s time to summon it into the forefront of our minds and forge a new future for ourselves.

Excuses that held us back before:

  • Commute
  • Social obligations
  • Expectations of others

We’ve been unchained from many traps. They are not all gone, the trap of distraction pulses louder than ever, but the many other things that held us back have paused for the time being. If we don’t make the move now, we’ll hold regret in our hearts later.

Peer Evolution

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Right now, all the serious players in the game of life are retooling themselves, refining their skills, and creating their dreams.

The creative class is using this time to evolve and come out strong from this social winter.

Writers who have never written before are holding a new pen against paper. Like how painters unleash their passions against the canvas, programmers are releasing their ideas into code and developing their ideas into apps.

People of all industries have been burning to learn the skills they needed to move forward in life. For example, people are yearning to gain or refine abilities such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Graphic design
  • Web Development
  • AWS
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTubing
  • Podcasting
  • Song Writing

Right now as we loiter the internet, educational platforms are being binged more than ever. YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, etc, are being consumed to gain knowledge and skills to grow and create new revenues or to become eligible for better opportunities.

If we sit quietly and tap into the energy of this subset of people refining themselves and redefining their lives, we can sense their inner insatiable fire burning to grow.


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In every teething phase of the economy there have been winners. Every depression and recession had new millionaires born. When we come out of this, there will be a subset of people who have mastered new crafts, who have cross pollinated new skills, who have come up with new ideas, who have prepared libraries of content. There are going to be armies of people who are ready to surpass their peers far and beyond, they will be like airplanes taking off and leaving everyone else far behind.

On the other hand, many peers will succumb to filling the void with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, Tiktok, or other sources of distraction. Which means right now there are more customers than ever. Now the audiences are gathered and ready to hear you more than ever. If you wanted to get rewarded by listens/views/likes, the time to get them is now.

A New Outlook of New Customers

The Bored

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A lot of people are bored right now. Bored people equals money. Check BBC, people would rather voluntary shock themselves than be with their own thoughts.

With standards like those, it couldn’t be easier than today to get a following. We are now able to reach people to entertain or give information who weren’t willing to listen before.

We are now able to create new fanbases and email lists who are more likely to open and see their inbox full of gifts rather than noise.

The Retooling

Retooling people are hungry for information and instruction on how to gain mastery over skills. Anyone who wants to teach is in a golden era to find students ready to learn. If you ever wanted to pass on skills or teachings, now is the time to be selling your ideas and making bank.

The Builders

Some people have their tools sharpened and finally have the space to create a new business, a new social platform, a new technological innovation, a new solution that the world has not seen before. These people are great customers for free lancers that need help with logos, content creation, influencer recommendations, and any form of business process outsourcing.

New and old businesses both have mountains of non-core business tasks preventing them from getting their core business going. If you can simplify, automate, or speed up distracting tasks, you can help them get one step closer to bringing their aspirations to life.

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You now are in a unique position of star power, invincible to many of the elements that previously held you back from unleashing your true talent.

Whether its providing a product or sever, if you have any interest helping anyone, today time is on our side and we can finally leverage it to reaching our potential.

The Carrot or the Stick

The Carrot

I firmly believe that there is an upside to every downside. All the points I’ve mentioned above are the carrot; the upside to social distancing. The seeds we plant today will allow the harvest we could not have imagined to create months ago. But suppose we be a bit pessimistic.

The Stick

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The primary worry I heard from people is that social distancing is going to take a lot longer than just a month or so. I doubt that’s the case, but if lockdown lasts a long enough, businesses are going to suffer and the economy is going to shape-shift into a new one. Old jobs may not be around at the end of the tunnel, so now would be the best time to build momentum. Now is the time to get off our couches and get the flywheel spinning, to build up speed to and face an uphill race ahead of us.

The future is most likely a lot less dark and bleak. Instead, I see the future being a fierce atmosphere of intense competition.

Look at it this way: If you’re an influencer, writer, creator, business owner, or anyone whose skills and talent has got you where you are today, you’re going to be having a lot more people just like you or better than you by the time social distancing is over.

Do you remember mapquest? It used to be the best until google maps showed up. Don’t be mapquest. Even if you are ahead of the curve, watch out…

Jab-Cross-Hook-Uppercut, Knock Out!

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Everyone who has a roof over their head has the opportunity to be busting their chops retooling themselves and becoming an unstoppable monster in the near future. The most scared they are, the more they are going to be growing.

If you’re not sharpening your skills and growing yourself, you better find a pair of bootstrap boots in and be prepared to be an underdog again. Our rivals and competitors are evolving and growing faster than ever. In a few weeks, or months, they are going to be so far ahead that you‘ll want to burn every copy of the “Tortoise and the Hare”.

Small Pie and Big Pie

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There’s a distinction between two paradigms of thinking. Big Pie Mentality and Small Pie Mentality.

Small pie people believe that when another person does better, there’s less pie for everyone else to enjoy.

Big pie people believe that the pie is so big, we can celebrate the success for others and know there’s enough to go around for everyone.

I find it best to leverage both paradigms of thought.

Small Pie Mentality for Procrastinating

Saturated markets are indeed difficult to break into, turning a blind eye to it is negligence on our part. Facts and known hurdles must be addressed when breaking into an existing industry or releasing an idea that may already exist. One true fact is that there’s money on the table that could have been yours and someone else is taking it.

It’s good to turn towards small pie mentality when we’re not marching forward. When we’re complacent or not doing our utmost best, the industry is getting more saturated and our talent will be lost within the crowds of competition.

The fear “Someone else is going to telepathically take my ideas and implement them if I don’t do it” is a good motivator. There’s a distinct excruciating feeling when you see someone else pull off the idea you’ve had in your mind but didn’t act on it.

Big Pie Mentality for Doing

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There are winners in every field who are cross pollinating and doing old things in new ways. Few things in life are actually new, most new ideas are actually old ideas recycled or have a spin on it.

This is how evolution tends to happen, one awkward baby turtle step at a time.

  • How different is the movie Pocahontas from the movie Avatar?
  • Myspace and other social networking sites were there before Facebook, weren’t they?
  • Aren’t all ‘personal growth’ gurus just regurgitating the same old concepts in their own words?

We can learn from the successful and find a way to put our own spin on it. We can embrace that we don’t have to make something completely unique, but say it in our own words, in our own style, to reach a people who need to hear it. There’s no true scarcity in success. Implementing the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, continuous improvement, is the name of the game. There’s always a better idea and a better execution, and our job is to master the art of always doing things better and reaching beyond the glass ceilings in our minds.

Remembering our Brothers and Sisters Struggling

I understand that not everyone can work remotely. Not everyone’s jobs are functioning due lockdown. Industries are taking hits and only companies relevant to essentials are able to run. Now can be a distressing time especially if you’ve been living paycheck-to-paycheck and suddenly cannot work.

We all who are able to continue contributing to society need to remember that we are giving life back to the economy. We who are able to take the time to develop our skills, tools, and futures are also going to be key players in helping up those who have fallen or struggling during this time.

We need to remember our family of humanity. That the reason we are practicing social distancing is to protect not so much ourselves, but the inhabitants of the world who may not have the strength to fight this virus. And when we come out of this situation, we must remember to continue protecting our fellow brothers and sisters.

What I mean is that we must create strong and powerful incomes. We must grow our incomes to be able to support the economy and each other more than ever. We will need to maintain our ability to purchase, share, and support one another through business and personally.

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If you are still healthy and have the downtime remember that

“There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time” — Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Executive Summary: A Whole New World

Although this is a scary and uncertain time, we now have time to develop ourselves and transform our lives.

“Summer bodies are made in the winter”

That is why exciting times lie ahead of us. Our reality is about to change as our world shape-shifts into a new one. Social distancing has triggered so many changes in our world. Right now in our social winter there’s a lot of people buffing up their talents and skills.

When we get out of this, new ideas are going to come into fruition. New platforms, new services, new ideas and standards are coming. Remember the categories of people you can help, there are so many opportunities to make money right now.

While we grow, we must remember the people who didn’t have the opportunities that we did or weren’t able to make through this storm as well as we did. We need to help each other back up, because that’s where true success and happiness lies.

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